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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Graduation thank you cards

So many people help seniors get to that great moment in their lives, from teachers to family and friends to coaches to mentors and tutors, so many encouraging people. Send them a thank you note so they know how much they are appreciated.

These samples match the announcements that are shown here. Custom thank you cards can be made as well.

Envelopes are included.

10 cards - $15.00
20 cards - $30.00
40 cards - $60.00

10% of each order will be donated to the 2012 Hudson's Bay High School Graduation Celebration.

Senior Year Scrapbook


High school seniors will love filling this scrapbook with memories. Imagine years from now they will look through it fondly remembering their last days of high school.

Glitter and ribbons adorn this vintage style book. Every page has a page title, lovely embellishments, room for photos and journaling. There are also pockets for memorabilia. Other styles are available. 

10% of each order will be donated to the 2012 Hudson's Bay High School Graduation Celebration.

Interested in making this scrapbook yourself? Gather at least 4 of your friends for a private class and I'll help you create this scrapbook. You pick the style and I will supply everything you need. $30 per person. Contact me for more information.   


Senior year scrapbook - $45.00
The scrapbook is a 5.5 x 5.5 inch square format. The colors are influenced by your senior's school colors. Each page will have room for a photo and journaling. Each scrapbook is carefully created with quality in mind. Beautiful embellishments enhance every page. Contact me to discuss your scrapbook!

Styles - bold and bright, elegant black/white, traditional, vintage (shown here)

Page topics
Select 20 page topics from the list below or create your own. Additional topics are $2.50 each.
  • Assemblies
  • Spirit Week
  • Best Friends
  • Homecoming
  • Prom
  • Spring Break
  • Mr. Hudson's Bay
  • Senior Skip Day
  • Grad Party
  • Graduation Day
  • Sport: _____________________________
  • Activity: ___________________________
  • Club: ______________________________
  • Favorite Holiday: ___________________
  • My Favorite Teacher
  • My Favorite Class
  • Favorites (song, movie, etc)
  • Family
  • My job
  • My car
  • Best Memory
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Accomplishments
  • Volunteering
  • Headlines
  • News Makers
  • 2012 prices
  • Vacation
  • Next Steps
  • My parent's wish for me
  • My Dreams
  • My Goals

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celebrating graduation!

Graduating from high school is such a special time. I've designed a few items to help celebrate and remember this special time in a senior's life.

My daughter, Emily, is a senior this year. She loves the vintage style I created these photo frames in that style. The first holds an 8x10 photo. It is covered with book paper and I've added some fun embellishments.The overall size is 14 x 12 and is a solid wood frame.

This will find a place in our living room and be hanging there for years to come.

The next photo holder has a metal floral shaped and is covered with paper and embellished with pearls and glitter. Since it is metal, magnets can be added as well. It measures approximately 6 inches across. A square or rectangular shape is available as well.

Emily will hang this in her room to remind her of her accomplishment. It's also a great size to take to college to spruce up a dorm room. Any selection of paper and embellishments can be used. The photo is about 3x4.

The smallest of the three is a little blackboard frame. Really cute! The overall size is about 2x4 inches. The photo inside is about a 1.75x1. It's great for hanging on a bulletin board.

Any style of paper and embellishing can be done for the frames. The metal frame is also available as a rectangle or square.

Large frame - $25.00
Metal photo holder - $10.00
Mini Blackboard frame - $5.50

10% of each order will be donated to the 2012 Hudson's Bay High School Graduation Celebration.

Announcing graduation!

Ordering announcements from the big companies is great unless you want them personalized. That is what I wanted for my senior, not the exact same one that most of the other kids were sending out! The only personalization came from adding name cards.

Teens love to have something that is a little different then everyone else's. I put together several different styles of graduation announcements that can easily be adapted to your school's colors.

Your senior's name will be a part of the announcement, not an add on. You can write your announcement text or select from samples that I provide. Fonts are your choice as well. Creating a custom design just for you is also an option.

Thank you cards are also available. See them here.

Envelopes are included.

10 announcements - $15.00
20 announcements - $30.00
40 announcements - $60.00

10% of each order will be donated to the 2012 Hudson's Bay High School Graduation Celebration.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A rose is a rose

Isn't this paper rose beautiful?

Yes, it is made from cardstock paper which means that it can be made to match your event colors!

This rose is four inches wide at it's widest point and it two inches tall at the center.

What a wonderful addition this would be to your decorations or as a unique party favor for your guests!

You could also use this on top of a gift in lieu of a bow. Lots of possibilities!

One paper rose $5.00

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Understated elegance easily describes this lovely wedding stationary. The soft color palette and subtle details make this set a wonderful choice for a traditional ceremony.
A beautiful save the date card alerts your family and friends to your special event.
Your wedding invitation will create anticipation for your guests. A pocket in back holds the rsvp card and other inserts.
Here is another view of the wedding invitation. In the foreground you see the matching thank you card.
The program, menu, table number, and escort card continue this graceful set.
Vellum is used for the favor box. A nice decorative edge floats on top and a suspended heart graces the front.
Details - includes handcrafted construction and envelopes
Save the date card - $1.50 each
Wedding invitation including two inserts - $4.00 each
Program - $2.00 each
Menu - $1.00 each
Table number - $.50 each
Escort card - $.50 each
Favor - $1.50 each

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This collection is a warm ensemble in fabulous fall colors - red, pumpkin and apricot. The patterned paper used throughout brings the color scheme together nicely.

The thank you card and save the date card give an exciting beginning and ending to the wedding ensemble.

This beautiful invitation features a striking floral element which has small embossed areas in the centers.

Inside the invitation the ceremony, reception and rsvp cards are layered. The layers are defined by the patterned border at the top.

A colorful matchbox favor is a perfect take home item for the wedding guests.

Details - handcrafted construction and envelopes included in price
Save the date card $2.00 each
Wedding invitation $5.00 each
Favor $1.75 each
Thank you card $2.50 each